Welcome to Aussiewatch 2017

Never before has Australia been under attack as it is today. Not from foreign enemy but a calculating despicable manipulative ALP and NLP who collectively removed Australians democratic rights by stealth generating control legislation of Mafia styled enforcement to maintain this duopoly power base.

Sadly traditional party loyalty still engulfs large groups of Australians supporting these political thugs continuous unaccountable dictatorship still believing only they can run the country when true facts available reveal ALP and LNP have decimated this once great nation.

With ALP and LNP supporting growth of their massive taxpayer funded public service and huge academic support grants who vote duopoly to maintain this gravy train drain of the public purse, now exceed the public sector workforce. Substantiated fear of mass sackings pruning the over populated public service to a workable level by an elected people power government is reality to start reducing our current out of control government spending and national debt.

Many now recognise instability of Australia has been engineered by elected servants of the people assuming self proclaimed master status has been support from the polling booths. We see daily the rise of the One Nation Party who platform, and are delivering your voice back into your parliament seriously threatening the establishment survival of dictatorship by proxy.

Duopoly spin doctors now in overdrive as a real threat of people power is set to extinguish their corrupt power base as Australia, like the USA, deliver a trump card… Game over.


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